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Adventures in Nine Panels: Volume 2

Saga 25, 26 and 27 I burned through the first four volumes of Saga rapidly, and it’s so good that I’m not waiting for volume five – I’m buying the single issues instead. I bloody love it. The new arc’s first book, #25, crammed in reintroductions of key characters, and Hazel’s …


Entitled internet wrestling fans need to grow up

Wrestling fans are passionate. Most fell in love with wrestling as children, watched every week, followed the storylines – and then followed the stories behind the curtain, too. Many of those passionate fans grew up, got computers, and joined forums. Many don’t watch and enjoy anymore. Instead, they watch, judge …

Progress - Strong-Style Pro Wrestling

This is Progress.

Wrestling fans know that this industry takes two steps forward and, usually, three steps back. For every Yes Movement there’s no movement from CM Punk – it’s a very comfy couch – for every bit of Shield dominance there’s a Dolph Ziggler squash, and for every actual women’s match on …