I’m a freelance journalist based in the UK and I’ve been writing professionally about technology since 2007, when I joined PC Pro magazine. I spent five years at PC Pro, writing most of the PC reviews and group tests for the magazine and website. I also regularly wrote about laptops, tablets, smartphones, components and peripherals.

Most of my time at PC Pro was taken up with reviews, but I also wrote features, news stories and blog posts, and helped out with proofing and editing. I regularly attended events and followed up with news or blog coverage, and also travelled the UK meeting with PC manufacturers and other technology firms.

I left PC Pro in 2013 and have since written for TechRadar, PC Advisor, IT Pro, The Inquirer, Stuff, Micro Mart, Know Your Mobile, Bit-tech, Red Bull Gaming, several Future Publishing magbooks and numerous other titles, and I’ve done mobile content strategy work with The Telegraph‘s Project Babb football site.┬áI write Custom PC’s monthly Labs and Head to Head sections with a colleague, and write a weekly review for TrustedReviews.

I still write about PCs, laptops, mobile technology and components, and I also cover social networking and games. Mobile content strategy is a newer area for me but one I enjoy and am looking to explore.

Click here to view links to my work and click here to get in touch. Thanks for reading!

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