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16023731It seems odd to be able to remember exactly when you started your first proper job out of university, but I know it was November 25th 2007.

I don’t remember the date when I left, exactly, which reflects on my mental state at the time. I do know I’ve been freelancing for just over two years.

Whether freelance or on-staff, I’ve been doing the same job for nearly eight years. Only recently have I felt burnt out and disillusioned for a longer period. I don’t think it’s just because I’ve been doing this for so long – it’s the impact of changing life goals, too.

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I’ve not blogged on food before but, well, anyone who knows me will know that I like the stuff – and I love living in Leicester, because it’s got a great food scene that’s expanded over the past couple of years. The area around St Martin’s Square had been neglected up, but that’s changing. Several interesting new shops have moved in – including Deli in the Square and lush cocktail lounge 33 Cank Street – and one of Leicester’s three Pizza Express branches has closed and will shortly be replaced by Grillstock. I’m super excited about that. St Martin’s Coffee has been one of the square’s stalwarts and we’ve popped in a couple of times, but I wasn’t a regular despite its top-notch reputation. I saw a tweet a couple of weeks ago about the expansion of its Crafty St Martin’s pop-up into a permanent restaurant and, well, I knew I had to get…

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Saga 25, 26 and 27 I burned through the first four volumes of Saga rapidly, and it’s so good that I’m not waiting for volume five – I’m buying the single issues instead. I bloody love it. The new arc’s first book, #25, crammed in reintroductions of key characters, and Hazel’s narration lyrically recapped Saga’s history alongside Staples’ smooth, elegant art. The story resumes with terrorist Dengo leading Hazel into freezing snow, but not much happened in #25; Alana and Klara argued as writer Vaughn recapped their situation, and we joined Marko, Prince Robot and the brilliant Ghus in their spaceship – also arguing, also recapping. The methodical #25 fed well into a busier #26, with a first-page fight illustrated by lurid colours that help this issue stand out. There’s surprise when Gwendolyn, The Brand and Sophie catch up with native wildlife, and fear as Alana and Klara deal with Dengo’s revolutionary friends. Marko, struggling with being apart from…

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tnanyc_zpsc62b6bbeWrestling fans are passionate. Most fell in love with wrestling as children, watched every week, followed the storylines – and then followed the stories behind the curtain, too.

Many of those passionate fans grew up, got computers, and joined forums. Many don’t watch and enjoy anymore. Instead, they watch, judge and complain.

They forget that wrestlers are passionate, too. Most thrive on performing and work through constant pain and nagging injuries. The number of wrestlers who have suffered with additions to painkillers, prescription drugs and other substances illustrates the sacrifices that many take to prolong their careers.

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Wrestling fans know that this industry takes two steps forward and, usually, three steps back.

For every Yes Movement there’s no movement from CM Punk – it’s a very comfy couch – for every bit of Shield dominance there’s a Dolph Ziggler squash, and for every actual women’s match on NXT there’s this bollocks from Monday Night Raw.

Those are the big leagues, though, where Vince, Trips and Steph will make inevitable millions from hordes of eager fans who pour money into the machine no matter what they do.

Fuck the big leagues. This. Is. Progress.

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